Friday, 26 November 2010

Baby it's cold online - an ice cold Folksy Friday

Right then, morning all.  Hands up if you've got three layers on, plus scarf, hat, and hot water bottle (or cat, used as such)!
Good, that's most of us then.

In celebration of this unusually cold end to November, I asked the good people of Folksy to show me what wintry, icy items they had in their shops. And they delivered....

First off, a couple of literal snowflakes:

Bespoke Cards has these cute cupcake wraps:

While 100 per cent delicate has some you can stick on your wall:

Ellie's Treasures provided this fluffy little horse, which is just so quirky.  I love that it comes with a book of 'likes', and really appeals to the grown-up who sort of still wants to play My Little Pony... that's not me, of course, absolutely not:

Then we have a boa from the Crafty Bride for the freezing cold glamour puss....

...who may also be a fan of this sparkly, Olympic-inspired (!), Snow Queen's delight:

I really love that one. It's sort of fairytale-y.

Then there are the cold-looking snowy things that will help to keep you and yours warm.  I love these little booties from NOfkantsCurious - restrained and tasteful fluffiness:

And from Ginger Nut this simple but beautiful pompom hat.  It reminds me of a snowflake too :)

And finally... I nearly forgot my own little goodies, which started this, a whole set of icy items:
Visit the Fat Cat's shop on Folksy!

That's all folks.  You can go back under the duvet now.


  1. What a beautiful Folksy Friday (not that I am biased!), lovely picks, thank you for including my White Queen necklace!

  2. I've included one of your Icy items on my blog! Great minds must think alike! Kate

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my boa, it's so wonderfully soft and sparkly I'm sure anyone who buys it will be very happy. I love that Snow Queen necklace!

  4. Just want to apologise that I've not managed to put clickable links on here yet to take people directly into shops. Sorry, didn't realise :(

    Also I just notice that I was so caught up with gushing about the Snow Queen necklace I forgot to mention whose shop it came from! That would be April is Forever. Sorry Sarah!

  5. Thank you so much for including my little winter white baby booties! So kind of you and something that might help to keep little toes warm and cosy in this cold weather too.

    Natalie x

  6. What gorgeous "icy" picks you've listed. Thanks so much for featuring my little pony. Elaine x

  7. That woolly horse is amazing. I know what I'm going to add to my Christmas list! ;)

    You have a gorgeous eye for putting together collections!

  8. Hi there, thanks for the lovely comment, I was going to try to attach the actual music to the Christmas song, but when I read the instructions about 'how to' decided to give that a miss.
    Love your wintry Folksy choices, some super things there.

  9. hee hee very similar themes our FF this week! Wonder WHAT could have inspired us!??!!
    Lovely choices.

  10. @Rags to Roses - yes I know, there were a lot of similar themes, the only thing now is what to choose this week! (It's still snowing...)