Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sea glass and superglue

I went to a craft fair yesterday, and got chatting to a lovely lady with a stall.  She had lots of sea glass, and all sorts of clever wirework baskets holding the pieces in place on pendants.  Really beautiful stuff, it inspired me to go straight back to the inch-deep pile of materials on my desk and dig out the sea glass.

Not being much inclined to copy, or for that matter too clever, I didn't bother with wirework baskets but resumed the direct approach that I'd adopted before to make this:

Essentially, wrap with thin gauge wire and superglue.  I gave up last time because I'd managed to successfully attach two pieces of glass to wire and the rest fell apart. This time I persevered and have now produced no less than 6 pendants and a bracelet.  The answer? More glue.

Happy days!

Today's planned experiments, if I can get away with not cleaning or tidying, include trying to make man bracelets and cracking out my new resin.  I can't see what could possibly go wrong.

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  1. Experimental is definitely the way to go! I love the pendant.