Friday, 19 November 2010

Your favourite, my favourite - some Folksy goodies

Right, this is a second attempt.  Following some formatting mishaps and a minor meltdown of the computer, we can continue.

I asked the good folk of Folksy to tell me what their favourite item is, and then went to their shops and found things I like better - just to be difficult.  I couldn't include everyone, so I've given preference to stuff I really, really like or shops I hadn't heard of before. 

I keep being surprised by different people's preferences - things sell that took five minutes to make and that you weren't really sure about, and labours of love sit gathering dust on the shelves.  I suppose it's just sheer chance, with the right person spotting the right thing and thinking it's perfect.  I reckon you can analyse and work on keywords and publicise as much as you like - and these things may help - but at the end of the day a lot of it is just dumb luck.

Sermon over, here goes!

Orange Blossom Felt

Cinnamon Jewellery

Eccentric Ella

Astrid's Garden

With the next two, I completely agreed.  Love these:

Clockwork Curves 

Sugar Mice


  1. Awwh, thank you for featuring my pendant - that's so lovely of you! Some lovely choices here - I really like the neckalce from Astrid's garden :) sarah x

  2. Thats a great theme for a blog, might have to pinch that idea if you don`t mind. Some lovely things there too. Linda