Friday, 19 November 2010

The beginning of the Fat Cat blog

Feels strange, writing this.  I know noone is reading it... yet.

I must confess I've never really quite understood the whole blogging thing.  It always seemed, well, odd.  Like taking pages of your diary and showing them to everyone you meet.  Is that a normal thing to want to do?

Then again, since joining the online craft world, I'm beginning to get it.  It's about publicity, publicity, publicity - filling as much of that endless whirlpool of the ether that we call the Internet with what you want people to see (and buy) as possible.  With that in mind:

There's also the community thing, an extension of the online forum and maybe an equivalent of a realworld invitation to your friends to come round for a cuppa.  If the forum is a loud and busy marketplace where your voice can be so easily lost (like the original forum of antiquity), then the blog becomes your cosy front room.  This, my friends, is my territory, and if you want to come round for a virtual cuppa then you will be taking off your shoes and using a coaster, thanks.

So here I am, writing gibberish.  I put it off for so very long, but thanks to a Polish man on the M1 I have more time on my hands this week than expected. And whiplash.

Thanks for your attention.


  1. Welcome to Blog world. I felt the same but have a blog now too and quite enjoying it( Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you will be better soon. I shall follow you too.

  2. oooo, whiplash! NOT nice! :o( Hope you are feeling better soon sweet cheeks ;o)

    Welcome to the land of Blog! I am here if you want to pop over for a "chat" anytime.


    hello gorgeous xxx