Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Grumpy blogging... but I promise I'll cheer up once it's out!

Sooo, my back hurts, still.  It's been two weeks to the day since my minor accident on the M1, and it still bloody well hurts.  This is apparently perfectly normal, but I find this cold comfort.

Speaking of cold... two feet of snow now sit on the ground in Sheffield.  It started last night and has continued, on and endlessly on.  I'm suppose to be going away this weekend, on a mystery birthday trip to, well, somewhere.  It's a mystery.  We're supposed to be flying out of Gatwick, one of the two airports currently closed.  And that's if we can even get there - did I mention the two feet of snow?

So I'm annoyed.  My birthday is cursed. I'm in pain and I don't get my holiday, probably. So I'm complaining.  There it is.

On the plus side....
- I'm not at work, not struggling home through the snow (no five hour commutes like some are reporting!)
- I'm indoors, nice and warm
- It's my birthday tomorrow, which means pressies and cards and phone calls (let's just ignore the fact that the post has stopped - snow)
- We are now into December, so I get a chocolate a day :)
- I've nearly finished knitting a nice chunky bag, just need a gusset/strap, a lining and sewing up.


  1. Sending ((hugs)) for you xxxx

  2. Happy happy birthday tomorrow and if you get stuck in just drink plenty of wine and eat chocolate cake.(surely someone will give you those)
    Birthday hugs x

  3. Aw poor you! If it's any consolation, I think it is meant to be warming up by the weekend so hopefully you'll still be able to go on your mystery trip. Happy birthday for tomorrow!

    I'm Ellie by the way. I found your blog through Folksy :)

  4. My mum lives in Gatwick and its not looking good :| however, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and its never as bad as you think. Co-codemol will help with the whiplash ;)

  5. Aww thanks for all the comments! I've cheered up today and the back's not too bad. No holiday but we'll make the best of it anyway :)